Lana Sylber
It is a cute little store and owner is very nice. We bought their fresh baked bread and it was heavenly!!! You have to try it!
Anda Puskas
Such a great experience!! The owners are amazing, reminded me of home hospitality. Great selection of eastern European meats and cheeses, sweets, snacks, jams, pickles, condiments
Mona Tisma
The owners are delightful. So sweet and helpful. There are very hard to find foods there. I really really recommend people to go there. Such a nice place. I will for sure be going back there many times in the future! Love it.
Vlado Paunkov
I visited this place a couple of days ago for the first time and I can’t express just how impressed I was. Very clean store with great selection and variety of products from renowned companies from ex Yu as well as traditional foods produced here in the US. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I will definitely be a regular customer at this place. Excellent job Vesna’s team ! Keep up the great work
Paul Nelson
So great to have a place nearby that has many of the European items we eat and buy. Nice people and very clean storec
Martin Naskovski
great place, great owners, all the goodies us ex YU people grew up with, they seem to have them in stock, at better prices than North Park or other delis that haul similar merchandise from abroad.
Sandra Troester
Owners are so nice and welcoming! Large variety of products and good meats. Great somun and pecenica, AND they have cevapi! Will definitely be coming back there often.